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About Shouder

رضا قره داغی - مدیرعامل


Shouder is a leading manufacturer of kitchen/bathroom faucets, tub and shower fixtures and bathroom accessories with unmatched quality and innovative design.

The company was established and has received manufacturing certification in 1998 and achieved Operation license of Ministry of Industries and Mines in 2003. During the years the management team and each associate have the mission of contributing to a higher level of gracious living for those who are touched by our products and services with its brands Shouder and Adak the company represents high-quality, design-oriented products, as well as trendsetting bathroom concepts and bath technologies. The recipe for success: tradition-based innovation coupled with sustainable corporate thinking.The company always focuses on innovation, development, manufacturing and distribution of reliable products.

Continuous investment in research and development in close co-operation with our customers ensures that advanced new products are constantly developed. Beside, Shouder has been able to move forward through market development, and high quality service.

At present, Shouder  company works with high quality international standards as well as national standards. Assuring and maintaining quality is one of our major goals. The top quality of our products is guaranteed by ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System, implemented in production premises and our quality policy. The various international quality standards we have declare that our products are of top quality and supplied by a reliable manufacturer dedicated to full customer satisfaction.

Production of sanitary valves requires high quality in supply chain from raw materials to production, We use high quality raw materials in conformity with national and international standards for drinking water and hygienic requirements. The conformity of the product quality to the standards is assured by the application of modern testing technologies and systematically performed quality controls of production via laboratory tests done by well trained, qualified personnel.



The conformity of products and their components is checked periodically and approved by independent national and international testing authorities from whom we receive quality marks. Some of our achievements are listed below:

  • National standard No.1546 in classic faucet production
  • national standard No.6679 in single lever faucet production
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certification of quality management from TUV institute Austria
  • EN817: 2008 European Standard from IQS England Institute for Sanitary tap ware and Mechanical mixing valves
  • Certification of Building and Housing Research Center
  • 5-year warranty and after sales technical support and services for 10 years



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